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ME101 Midterm Test/Spring 2004

Find all zero force members in the truss structure given below. (15%)

Knowing that a 0.5 mm gap exists when the temperature is 20oC, determine (a) the temperature at which the normal stress in the aluminum bar will be equal to -90 MPa, (b) the corresponding exact length of the bronze bar. (30%)

Prob. 2

ME101 Midterm Test/Spring 2004

Ends A and D of the two solid steel shafts AB and CD are fixed, while ends B and C are connected to gears as shown. Knowing the allowable shearing stress is 50 MPa in each shaft, determine the largest torque T which may be applied to gear B. (30%)

A 6 x 10-in timber beam has been strengthened by two steel straps as shown. Knowing that Ewood = 1.5 x 106 psi and Esteel = 30 x 106 psi, if the beam is bent about a horizontal axis by a moment of 200 kip-in, determine the maximum bending stress in the wood and in the steel. (25%)