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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Division of Social Science

SOSC198 Psychology of Personal Growth
Fall 2010
Sample Questions for Quiz 1

October 30, 2010 1pm C 2pm

This is a closed-book quiz.

Total time = 60 minutes; Total points = 60 (1 point each).

Please mark all your answers on the Answer Sheet.

You should mark only ONE answer for each question. If you mark more than one answer, you will receive NO MARK for that question.

No marks will be deducted for wrong answers.

You are required to return both the question booklet and answer sheet at the end of the quiz.

Failure to observe the above-mentioned instructions will yield a ZERO entry for the quiz.

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Processes by which people respond to environmental pressures and cope with stress are known as ______.

A) reactivity B) growth C) compensatory behavior D) adjustment Ans: D

Each of the following is true EXCEPT ______.

A) much of the information on the internet is incomplete, misleading, difficult for the average person to understand, or just plain wrong B) the internet provides a vast repository about psychology, self-help, relationships, and health C) most health-related product claims on the internet are scientifically valid D) many money-back guarantees do not promise that the product will work as advertised Ans: C

A researcher finds that the more people smoke cigarettes, the more likely it is that they will develop lung cancer. This researcher has found ______.

A) observer bias B) causation C) a treatment variable D) a correlation Ans: D

In an experiment, if there are two groups being studied and one group is given alcohol to measure its effects while the other group is not given alcohol, the people receiving the alcohol would be considered ______.

A) the dependent group B) the experimental group C) the independent group D) the control group Ans: B


A prototype is a _____

A) Mental model of the typical qualities of members of some group B) Mental framework of specific situations or events C) Mental judgment of situations affecting our behavior D) Mental judgment of individuals affecting our behavior Ans: A

Greg is fearful of visiting the dentist, but he is also fearful of having his teeth decay if he does not visit the dentist. He is experiencing a(n) ______ conflict.

A) approach-approach B) approach-avoidance C) multiple approach-avoidance D) avoidance-avoidance Ans: D

An unconscious function of the ego that protects it from anxiety-evoking material by preventing accurate recognition of the material is ______.

A) a defense mechanism B) an abreaction C) compensation D) the libido Ans: A

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